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School Community Partnership: Opioid Crisis

School Community Partnership (SCP) “meets monthly in an effort to connect various agency offerings to the youth of our schools and community, providing safe activities, healthy resources, and expanded learning opportunities.  There are regular trainings that address the prevalent and current needs of our youth.  The School Community Partnership has developed a strong network of providers who are dedicated to breaking down the obstacles young people in Fall River face while helping them grow into productive citizens.  We strive to support our youth, encouraging their development through positive opportunities, intervention and prevention, and empowerment to ensure success.”

Fall River Substance Abuse Prevention Grants Coordinator Michael Aguiar and Fall River Police Captain Joseph Cabral presented information about the on-going opioid crisis, both locally and nationwide, to a group of about forty professionals, including representatives of local schools, police, Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, Bristol County District Attorney and a number of other agencies. While the prescription drug abuse crisis has diminished somewhat over the past five years due to a number of prevention efforts, the opioid overdose rate has skyrocketed. “That’s when heroin started increasing,” stated Aguiar. There are now more than 800 overdoses a year, more than double the rate five years ago.