YMCA SouthCoast — Fall River, MA 2011-2013

For two years, I worked at the YMCA as the dance instructor, talent show coordinator, and Arts&Drama group leader. I provided leadership and guidance to 10-15 students daily, ages ranging from 8-13 years old. I was responsible for planning and organizing lessons for the Arts&Drama group as well as coordinating the talent show for the entire Y-Camp. I was also responsible for settling and mediating conflicts within the group.

Not only was I a camp counselor, I was a teacher, I was a mentor, and I was a friend to these campers. It was most challenging to have a group of girls with a significant age difference to have them understand each other, support one another, get them to be hyped up and excited for each day, and of course, settling quarrels. But at the end of the day, I was always successful in keeping the group together and keeping their spirits high. I talked to them, I laughed with them, I played with them, I listened to them, I challenged them, and I supported them.

As a former YMCA camper, the YMCA has played a tremendous role in my lifeย and has helped me grow as a leader and team player. The YMCA has also helped shape me into a compassionate person.

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